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Solo Leveling Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast & Crew [2024 Update]

Solo Leveling, also alternatively translated as Only I Level Up, is a South Korean web novel by Chugong.

It was serialized in Kakao’s digital comic and fiction platform KakaoPage beginning on July 25, 2016, and was later published by D&C Media under their Papyrus label on November 4, 2016.

Solo Leveling: A Rising Power in the Anime World

Solo Leveling, a South Korean webcomic, has taken the anime world by storm with its captivating story of a weak monster hunter, Sun Jinwoo, who gains the chance to surpass everyone and become the most excellent hunter of all.

The original webcomic spanned 179 chapters before concluding in 2021, and its A-1 Pictures adaptation has already completed its first season. With season three confirmed, fans are eager to see what’s next for Jinwoo.

Solo Leveling Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast & Crew [2024 Update]

Solo Leveling Season 3 Release Date:

There is no official information about the release date of Solo Leveling Season 3.

Solo Leveling, a highly anticipated anime series, has confirmed the release date for its third season. The new season will continue the story of Sung Jinwoo, the weakest hunter in the world, as he navigates his newfound powers and the mysterious system that has given him a second chance at life.

Solo Leveling Season 3:

Solo Leveling is a famous South Korean web novel, webtoon, and anime series that has gained significant attention worldwide. Here is a comprehensive overview of the series:

Background and Plot:

The story occurs in a world where mysterious gates have opened, leading to dungeons filled with monsters and rare gems. At the same time, a portion of humanity has gained special powers, allowing them to enter these dungeons and fight off the invading monsters. These individuals are known as Hunters, and they come in various levels of ability, ranging from E-Rank to S-Rank[1][2][3].

The main character, Sung Jinwoo, is an E-Rank Hunter who initially lacks significant abilities. However, through his journey, he gains extraordinary powers and becomes one of the strongest Hunters in the world, eventually becoming the Monarch of Shadows.

Solo Leveling Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast & Crew [2024 Update]


The series has been adapted into various forms:

1. Webtoon: The original webtoon, titled “Solo Leveling,” was created by Redice Studio under Jang Sung-Rak, also known as Dubu[2].
2. Light Novel: The series was initially published as a light novel called “Only I Level Up” by Chugong[3].
3. Anime: An anime adaptation was produced by A-1 Pictures, with the first season consisting of 12 episodes[3].

Reception and Popularity:

Solo Leveling has received widespread acclaim and popularity. The anime has an IMDb rating of 8.3/10, and the series has been praised for its engaging storyline and character development[3]. Fans have also appreciated the show’s ability to balance action and drama effectively[1].

Key Characters and Arcs:

Some notable characters and arcs in the series include:

1. Sung Jinwoo: The main protagonist starts as an E-Rank Hunter and eventually becomes the Monarch of Shadows.
2. Cha Hae-In: An S-Rank Hunter and one of the strongest characters in the series.
3. Kang Tae-Shik: A significant antagonist who plays a crucial role in Jinwoo’s journey.
4. Double Dungeon: A pivotal arc in the series where Jinwoo faces a giant snake and a spider.
5. Monarch Arc: Jinwoo becomes the Monarch of Shadows, allowing him to summon shadows to fight for him and become the strongest in the world.

Themes and Genre:

Solo Leveling is often classified as a Power Fantasy series, emphasizing the protagonist’s growth and development as they gain extraordinary abilities. The series combines fantasy, adventure, and action elements, appealing to many audiences.

Solo Leveling Season 3 Release Date, Story, Cast & Crew [2024 Update]

Community and Reception:

The series has a dedicated fan base, with many fans praising the show’s engaging storyline and character development. The anime has received positive reviews from critics and viewers, with many expressing enthusiasm.

Solo Leveling Full Cast & Crew:

Series Directed by:

Shunsuke Nakashige

Series Writing Credits:

Chugong (creator: based on web novel by)
H-Goon (based on a web novel by)
Noboru Kimura (composition)
Jang Sung-Rak (based on a web novel by)

Series Produced by:

Manabu Jingûji producer
Atsushi Kaneko animation producer
Tomoyuki Ôwada producer
Atsuhiro Iwakami executive producer

Series Music by:

Hiroyuki Sawano

Series Cinematography by:

Daichi Izeki

Series Editing by:

Yûji Kondô

Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:

In-Seung Choi op Director

Series Art Department:

Sôtarô Shiraishi prop designer

Series Sound Department:

Ryou Tanaka sound director
Caitlin Glass ADR Director
Rickey Watkins ADR Engineer

Series Visual Effects by:

Toshitaka Morioka CG director

Series Animation Department:

Jung Hyeon Cheol art setting
Chiaki Furuzumi chief animation director/sub-character design
Kaito Hashimoto main animator
Yoshihiro Kanno action director
Hirokatsu Maruyama main animator
Hajime Nakagawa main animator
Naomi Nakano color designer
Tomoko Sudô character designer / chief animation director/OP character animation director
Hirotaka Tokuda chief animation director/creature designer
Takashi Torii main animator
In-Seung Choi op storyboard artist
Dah Ye Han op 2nd key animation
So Yi Han op 2nd key animation
So Hee Hwang op key animation
Hae Lee Jeong op key animation
Saeb Yeok Jung op 2nd key animation
Seong Hee Jung op 2nd key animation
Kim Jungeun op animation director
Hyeon-Ji Kim op key animation
Ji Eun Kim op key animation
Jun-Ho Kim op background artist
Mijeong Kim op key animation
Young-suk Kim op background artist
Gyeong Mi Lee op key animation
Jumi Lee op key animation
Su Jeong Lee op 2nd key animation
Yea Bin Na op 2nd key animation
So-Yeon Park op 2nd key animation
Ji-Eun Sin op 2nd key animation
Sin Seo Won op 2nd key animation
Jiyoung Yun op key animation

Series Music Department

Benjamin Anderson Lyrics: OP
Krage performer: ED
Hiroyuki Sawano Arranger: OP / Lyrics: OP/performer/performer: OP/theme music composer: OP
TXT performer: OP / singer: OP



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