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Is Slugterra Coming Back in 2024? Is Slugterra Cancelled?

There is no clear answer as to whether Slugterra is coming back in 2024 or if it has been cancelled. The last official release was the spin-off series Slugterra: Ascension, which premiered in September 2022 and consisted of 20 four-minute-long shorts[5].

WildBrain Television has also ordered new Slugterra series and extra episodes of Summer Memories, which began rolling out in September 2022 and will continue into 2023[2].

There is no official announcement regarding the future of the series beyond these releases. Some fans have expressed disappointment with the quality of the new content and the lack of updates on the official Slugterra YouTube and Facebook pages[1][3].

Is Slugterra cancelled?

The original “Slugterra” series ended in 2016 and is not planned to return in 2024 (or any time soon).

A new series called “Slugterra: Ascension” premiered in 2022 and continues into 2024. So, “Slugterra” technically has returned, but in a new form. “Slugterra: Ascension” features the original characters and follows their continued adventures.

New “Slugterra” shorts are planned for release in 2024. These shorts will further expand the “Slugterra” universe.

“Slugterra” is not cancelled outright. The original series is not coming back. Instead, new content exists in the form of “Slugterra: Ascension” and upcoming shorts.

Is slugterra coming back

I’m an old fan of Slugterra. Slugterra is a cartoon series created by Asaph Fipke that follows the adventures of Slog, a sloth who is cursed to be constantly in motion. This cartoon Series was developed by Asaph Fipke & Rob Hoegee.

I just finished the whole Slugterra episode. I just finished Into the Shadows today. I was sad to see that it has been 2 years since then.

Along with his best friend, a spider named Webby, Slog explores the world and tries to stop the evil sorcerer Moltar from taking over the planet. The series is designed for young children and is often accompanied by educational lessons about environmentalism, ecology, and conservation.

Is Slugterra coming back in 2024?

The Official Slugterra YouTube Channel doesn’t look very official. The titles of all the full episodes of Slugterra have way too many fire emojis for my liking. Curious, I decided to take to the Facebook page to see if there had been any news for Slugterra, only to find the Facebook page full of memes with questionable quality and taste.

Even though it had been a long time since I sat down and watched the show, I remembered when I was younger. I avidly messaged the Slugterra Facebook page (I was the one who messaged the Slugterra Official Facebook to ask about Eli’s mother. If you guys know about that screenshot that circulated, that was taken by me xD). It just feels…too different from the way it was back then.

I looked into Nerd Corps Entertainment, only to find that it had gone defunct in 2015, which concerned me, but because they still made Into the Shadows and finished up the Eastern Cavern arc, it seemed like they’re still fine. They’re even helping to reboot a MegaMan TV Series set to release this year.

It’s already been 4 years, and they are still focusing on that small kid My Little Pony instead of the great slugterra that even big kids will watch. I sure wish they would continue slugterra, for there is still plenty to do, and Slugterra Into the Shadows isn’t a good ending because Wil Shane, Black and Twist isn’t gone for good.

Plus, it would be great to see another fight of the Shane gang with Junjie again, the elementals or perhaps the unbeatable master from Eli’s home, if she can return.

Besides that, not all of Eli’s slugs have gone megamouth, and it would be awesome if there were new heroes that could be with the Shane gang forever or have new slugs. The game has new slugs that have not been shown in the entire season, like the Tenasher slug. A lot can be done, so I hope a new season or movie will come this year or whenever as long as it comes.

Some Slugterra Fans Comment:

Unfortunately, it saddens me to say this, but it looks like Into the Shadows was the last time we’ve seen the show (at least for the time being).




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