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Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date, Story, Cast & Crew [2024 Update]

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Full Story, Cast & Trailer- Release Date Revealed

You are calling all movie buffs and fans of the critically acclaimed “Project Wolf Hunting” thriller! Get ready to mark your calendars because the highly anticipated “Project Wolf Hunting Part 2” release date is finally here. Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date is 25 August 2025.

After the jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending of the first installment, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this thrilling saga. In this blog post, I’ll reveal the official release date and give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from this action-packed sequel. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and prepare for another wild ride with “Project Wolf Hunting Part 2”.

Project Wolf Hunting is basically what you would get if you dropped Con Air, Predator, and Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan into a cinematic MixMaster. 

The movie “Project Wolf Hunting” (2022) is a hyper-violent science fiction action film about dangerous criminals transported from the Philippines to South Korea on a cargo ship.

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date

After an escape attempt leads to a riot, a sinister force is unleashed, resulting in a bloody and all-out terror campaign. The film is known for its extreme gore and excessive blood, with a plot described as taking a back seat to the action and violence.

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date:

Upcoming Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 is not a movie; it will be A Drama Series. Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date is 25 August 2025.

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Update News:

Director Kim Hong-sun planned the movie “Wolf Hunt” as a three-part Project. “Wolf Hunt” is the second part of the trilogy, and the prequel’s scenario has already been written.

The story is characterized as having a “doughy middle” and a “gaping end,” with a focus on lavish gore and perfunctory bloodletting.

The movie has been criticized for its lack of a coherent plot and underdeveloped characters, with some reviewers expressing a sense of detachment from the film due to the absence of a main character or compelling narrative.

If you are a fan of extreme gore and over-the-top action, “Project Wolf Hunting” may be worth watching, but it is essential to be prepared for the excessive violence and bloodshed that the film is known for.

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Release Date

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Full Story:

“Project Wolf Hunting” is a South Korean science fiction action horror film that follows dangerous criminals on a cargo ship being transported from the Philippines to South Korea.

The movie is known for its extreme gore, brutal violence, and a plot that involves a group of prisoners, a genetically altered human called Alpha, and a sinister force unleashed after an escape attempt leads to a riot.

The film has received mixed reviews, with some praising its hyper-violent and action-filled scenes, while others criticized its plot and character development.

If you enjoy gory action-horror movies with intense and brutal sequences, “Project Wolf Hunting” might be worth watching. However, you may find the film lacking if you prefer a more nuanced plot and well-developed characters.

If you had a pound for every slashed jugular and staved-in cranium in this Korean horror-thriller, you would probably have more than the film’s entire budget.

Project Wolf Hunting Part 2 Cast

Seo In-Guk Park Jong-doo
Jang Dong-yoon Lee Do-il
Jung So-min Lee Da-Yeon
Choi Gwi-hwa Alpha
Sung Dong-il Oh Dae-woong
Park Ho-san Lee Seok-woo
Ko Chang-seok Go Geon-bae
Jang Young-Nam Choi Myeong-joo
Son Jong-Hak Son Soo-cheol
Lee Sung-Wook Lee Kyeong-ho
Jung Moon-sung Kim Gyoo-tae
Hong Ji-yoon Song Eun-ji
Richard Barcenas Ship Operator, Prisoners (voice)
Park Bong-Joon Detective Kim Won-Ho
Kim Chan-Hyung Detective Park Jaewoo
Kim Gi-chang Detective Oh Jang-Hoon
Alice Himora (voice)
Alex Hom Detective (voice)
Kim Hyeon Man with a bomb at the airport
Yoo Hyun-Soo Detective Kim Jae-Myeong
Jeong Jae-Hoon Detective Kim Woo-Jin
Ahn Ji-Hye Cho Soo-jin
Lim Ju-hwan CEO
Kang Jung-Woo Choi Yeong-Dal
Kim Kang-hoon Lee Do-il’s Son
Beidle Elizabeth Lisa Representative director’s assistant
Kim Min-Chul Choi Seok-jin (Gang member)
Woo Min-Ji Do-it’s wife
Kim Moon-Hak Detective Kim Jin-seok
Chris Okawa Detective (voice)
Kang Sin-cheol Detective Im Do-cheol (as Sin-cheol Kang)
Kwon Soo-Hyeon Jin Kang-woo
Jung Soo-Kyo Detective Nam Hyeon-Soo
Ryung Sung Yoon Hye-ra
Shin Sung-min Detective Lee Deok-Soo
Shim Woo-Sung Detective Park Moo-Taek
Kwon Oh Yool Detective Lee Woong Jae
June Yoon Alpha (voice)
Cha Young-Ju Airport reporter

Produced by

Gu Seong-Mok producer

Cinematography by

Ju-Hwan Yun

Editing by

Lee Ga-ram
Min-kyeong Shin


Daniel Kwanghwee Choi Stunt double / stunt performer/stunts

Additional Crew

Jacki St. Thomas publicist

The director has said that 2.5 tons of blood were used during this production, and a good portion of that made it into the finished film. While there are some moments of CGI enhancement, the majority of the bloodshed in Project Wolf Hunting is accomplished through practical effects. Fake blood gushes all over the set and the cast, and it’s a glorious sight.

Final Words:

Attention all movie enthusiasts and fans of the thrilling “Project Wolf Hunting” franchise! Get ready to mark your calendars and prepare for another adrenaline-fueled adventure with your favorite characters. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this epic cinematic experience.


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