March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Origin, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew [Update 2024]

“March Comes in Like a Lion” Season 3 has been a topic of great anticipation among fans following the success of its previous seasons in 2017 and 2018.

This beloved anime, also known as 3-gatsu no Lion, is based on Chica Umino’s manga and follows the story of Rei Kiriyama, a shogi player navigating life with the Kawamoto sisters.

Despite the eager wait of over five years, there has been no official confirmation or recent news regarding a third season in 2023.

Fans continue to hope for more episodes to delve deeper into Rei’s journey and the emotional depth of the series.

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date:

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Origin, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew [Update 2024]

As of 2024, no official announcements have confirmed a Third season.

Fans continue to hope for updates on the future of the “March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3” anime series.

Following the journey of Rei Kiriyama, a young professional shogi player, as he navigates the complexities of life both on and off the shogi board, “March Comes in Like a Lion” is a must-watch for any anime lover seeking a mix of drama, emotion, and stunning visuals.

So grab your favorite snack, cozy up in your anime-watching spot, and prepare to be swept away by the magic of “March Comes in Like a Lion.”

The Plot & Origin of March Comes In Like a Lion:

“March Comes In Like a Lion” delves into the life of Rei, a young man orphaned early in life, who seeks solace in professional shogi despite feeling trapped by its confines.

At 17, he grapples with loneliness, heartache, and a desire for a life beyond the game he excels at. Chica Umino’s manga, which debuted in 2007, spans 15 volumes, with a spinoff focusing on the Shogi Association Chairman.

The anime adaptation, comprising two seasons from 2016 to 2018, offered 44 episodes, leaving fans eager for more.

While a live-action film and spinoff manga have enriched the series, the future of additional episodes remains uncertain, leaving enthusiasts hopeful for further exploration of Rei’s journey.

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Full Story:

“March Comes In Like a Lion” Season 3 promises to continue the emotional journey of Rei, a shogi player navigating complex relationships and personal struggles.

Based on Chica Umino’s manga, the anime has captivated audiences with its poignant storytelling and character depth.

While fans eagerly anticipate news of a third season, the lack of official confirmation leaves the future uncertain.

Despite this, the abundance of source material from the manga series suggests the potential for further adaptation, fueling hope for a continuation.

With 16 volumes of manga and significant chapters already animated, the groundwork for a new season is laid.

Viewer engagement and the series’ popularity remain strong, indicating sustained interest.

As enthusiasts await updates on a possible release date, the anticipation for more of Rei’s story and the evolution of the narrative grows among fans worldwide.

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Origin, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew [Update 2024]

March Comes in Like a Lion Full Cast & Crew

Series Directed by:

Kenjirô Okada (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Akiyuki Shinbô (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Midori Yoshizawa (6 episodes, 2016-2017)
Yoshiko Mikami (6 episodes, 2017-2018)
Hajime Ôtani (5 episodes, 2017-2018)
Takashi Kawabata (3 episodes, 2016-2017)
Yukihiro Miyamoto (3 episodes, 2016-2017)
Yutaka Kawasaki (3 episodes, 2017-2018)
Tetsuya Miyanishi (3 episodes, 2017-2018)
Seimei Kidokoro (2 episodes, 2016)
Takudai Kakuchi (2 episodes, 2017-2018)
Takakazu Nagatomo (2 episodes, 2017-2018)
Hidekazu Hara (1 episode, 2016)
Eita Higashikubo (1 episode, 2016)
Tomoyuki Itamura (1 episode, 2016)
Sô Toyama (1 episode, 2016)
Yûichi Wada (1 episode, 2017)
Noriko Hashimoto (1 episode, 2018)

Series Writing Credits:

Yukito Kizawa (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Akiyuki Shinbô (composition) (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Chika Umino (manga) (45 episodes, 2016-2018)

Series Cast:

Kengo Kawanishi  Rei Kiriyama44 episodes, 2016-2018
Khoi Dao  Rei Kiriyama41 episodes, 2016-2018
Ai Kayano  Akari Kawamoto / …32 episodes, 2016-2018
Kana Hanazawa  Hinata Kawamoto / …32 episodes, 2016-2018
Laura Post  Akari Kawamoto29 episodes, 2016-2018
Misaki Kuno  Momo Kawamoto / …28 episodes, 2016-2018
Kayli Mills  Hinata Kawamoto28 episodes, 2016-2018
Nobuhiko Okamoto  Harunobu Nikaido26 episodes, 2016-2018
Zach Aguilar  Nikaido Harunobu / …25 episodes, 2016-2018
Xanthe Huynh  Momo Kawamoto25 episodes, 2016-2018
Shigeru Chiba  Someji Kawamoto20 episodes, 2016-2018
Shin’ichirô Miki  Kai Shimada17 episodes, 2017-2018
Keith Silverstein  Takashi Hayashida17 episodes, 2016-2018
Kirk Thornton  Kai Shimada17 episodes, 2017-2018
Tomokazu Sugita  Tatsuyuki Misumi16 episodes, 2016-2018
Takahiro Sakurai  Takashi Hayashida16 episodes, 2016-2018
Marina Inoue  Kyoko Koda / …15 episodes, 2016-2018
Tesshô Genda  Takanori Jinguji15 episodes, 2017-2018
Robbie Daymond  Tatsuyuki Misumi14 episodes, 2016-2018
Lauren Landa  Kyoko Koda / …14 episodes, 2016-2017
Kentarô Tone  Ota / …13 episodes, 2016-2018
Richard Epcar  Takanori Jinguji13 episodes, 2017-2018
Subaru Kimura  Issa Matsumoto10 episodes, 2016-2017
Wendee Lee  Young Rei Kiriyama / …9 episodes, 2016-2017
Doug Erholtz  Issa Matsumoto9 episodes, 2016-2017
Daisuke Sakaguchi  Okuyasu Yokomizo8 episodes, 2017-2018
Yoshimasa Hosoya  Yusuke Takahashi / …8 episodes, 2016-2018
Hôchû Ôtsuka  Sakutaro Yanagihara7 episodes, 2017-2018
Yumi Uchiyama  Young Rei Kiriyama / …7 episodes, 2016-2017
Yôji Ueda  Hanaoka / …7 episodes, 2016-2017
Lucien Dodge  Okuyasu Yokomizo7 episodes, 2017-2018
Michiko Neya  Misaki / …6 episodes, 2016-2018
Tôru Ohkawa  Masachika Koda / …6 episodes, 2016-2017
Hiroki Tôchi  Masamune Goto6 episodes, 2017-2018
Doug Stone  Hanaoka6 episodes, 2016-2017
Jake Eberle  Sakutaro Yanagihara / …6 episodes, 2017-2018
Akira Ishida  Touji Souya5 episodes, 2017-2018
Asuka Nishi  Chiho Sakura / …5 episodes, 2017-2018
Aoi Yûki  Megumi Takagi5 episodes, 2017-2018
Kenjirô Tsuda  Morio Shigeta5 episodes, 2017-2018
Yûji Ueda  Eisaku Noguchi5 episodes, 2017-2018
Sayaka Ôhara  Hinata’s Homeroom Teacher5 episodes, 2017-2018
Kiyono Yasuno  Takashi / …5 episodes, 2016-2018
Cam Clarke  Masachika Kouda / …5 episodes, 2016-2017
Ray Chase  Masamune Gotou5 episodes, 2017-2018
Todd Haberkorn  Touji Souya5 episodes, 2017-2018
Kellen Goff  Morio Shigeta5 episodes, 2017-2018
Yûichi Nakamura  Takeshi Tsujii4 episodes, 2017
Yû Kitada  Kisha B / …4 episodes, 2016
Brian Hanford  Ota4 episodes, 2017-2018
Mikako Takahashi  Mikako Kawamoto3 episodes, 2018
Ryôta Takeuchi  Kengo Kumakura3 episodes, 2017
You Taichi  Kaneda / …3 episodes, 2016-2018
Tomisaburô Horikoshi  Shimada’s Grandfather3 episodes, 2017
Chitose Morinaga  Kimura3 episodes, 2017-2018
Shinya Takahashi  Aono / …3 episodes, 2017-2018
Yûko Sanpei  young Harunobu Nikaido / …3 episodes, 2016-2017
Chie Arikawa  Miyanogawa ten’in / …3 episodes, 2016
Ai Nonaka  Fu nyâ / …3 episodes, 2016-2017
Fumihiko Tachiki  Kokubu3 episodes, 2018
Ryôko Shiraishi  Ôsama nyâ / …3 episodes, 2016-2017
Erica Mendez  Young Harunobu Nikaido / …3 episodes, 2016-2018
Chris Hackney  Yusuke Takahashi / …3 episodes, 2016-2017
Dorothy Elias-Fahn  Pawn / …3 episodes, 2016-2017
Ben Lepley  Gakuto Sakurai / …3 episodes, 2017-2018
Xander Mobus  Takeshi Tsujii3 episodes, 2017
Armen Taylor  Kengo Kumakura3 episodes, 2017
Daisuke Ono  Gakuto Sakurai2 episodes, 2017-2018
Hiroki Yasumoto  Junkei Yamazaki2 episodes, 2017
Jin Yamanoi  Masachika Koda2 episodes, 2018
Satomi Arai  Takagi’s Mother2 episodes, 2018
Hiroshi Naka  Arimoto / …2 episodes, 2016-2017
Ryûsei Nakao  Gan-chan2 episodes, 2018
Binbin Takaoka  Izumida2 episodes, 2017
Kana Asumi  Hisha nyâ / …2 episodes, 2016-2017
Janice Kawaye  Ayumu Kôda / …1 episode, 2016-2018
Greg Chun  Newscaster / …2 episodes, 2016
Arnie Pantoja  Eisaku Noguchi2 episodes, 2017
Kazuo Oka  Shôichi Matsunaga1 episode, 2016
Mitsuo Iwata  Manabu Yasui1 episode, 2016
Motomu Kiyokawa  Toono1 episode, 2018
Akio Ôtsuka  Raido Fujimoto1 episode, 2017
Ryûichi Kijima  Kishi1 episode, 2016
Shun Horie  Yakyû buin1 episode, 2016
Yoshiaki Hasegawa  Kishi1 episode, 2016
Hiroyuki Yoshino  Subaru Hachiya1 episode, 2017
Sumi Shimamoto  Koda’s Wife1 episode, 2018
Yumiko Ôfuku  Kôda no tsuma1 episode, 2016
Masumi Taira  Hanaya no obâ-san1 episode, 2016
Juri Nagatsuma  Kawashima1 episode, 2018
Hitoshi Bifu  Doctor1 episode, 2018
Izumi Takeuchi  Announcer1 episode, 2016
Yoshimitsu Shimoyama  Komigawa1 episode, 2018
Yû Kobayashi  Inu1 episode, 2016
Yuka Iguchi  Kaku nyâ / …1 episode, 2016
Yumiko Konatsu  Obâ-chan A1 episode, 2016
Naomi Kusumi  Princpal1 episode, 2017
Atsushi Imaruoka  Vice-Principal1 episode, 2017
Steve Kramer  Shoichi Matsunaga1 episode, 2016
Joe Thomas  Manabu Yasui1 episode, 2016
Jamieson Price  Raido Fujimoto1 episode, 2017
Kevin K. Gomez  Shogi Player1 episode, 2017

Series Music by:

Yukari Hashimoto (45 episodes, 2016-2018)

Series Cinematography by:

Rei Egami (22 episodes, 2017-2018)
Shinichiro Eto (11 episodes, 2016)
Takayuki Aizu (11 episodes, 2017)

Series Editing by:

Rie Matsubara (45 episodes, 2016-2018)

Series Casting By:

Mami Okada (4 episodes, 2016)

Series Art Direction by:

Seiki Tamura (45 episodes, 2016-2018)

Series Art Department:

Yasuhiro Nakura art setting (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Izumi Takizawa color designer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Yasuko Watanabe color designer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Takashi Kawabata storyboard artist (7 episodes, 2016-2018)
Mie Ôishi storyboard artist (7 episodes, 2016-2018)
Shôji Saeki storyboard artist (7 episodes, 2017-2018)
Shinsaku Sasaki storyboard artist (5 episodes, 2016-2017)
Hajime Ôtani storyboard artist (4 episodes, 2017-2018)
Mamoru Kurosawa storyboard artist (3 episodes, 2016-2017)
Hiroko Kazui storyboard artist (2 episodes, 2016-2017)
Kenjirô Okada storyboard artist (2 episodes, 2016-2017)
Midori Yoshizawa storyboard artist (2 episodes, 2016-2017)
Ken’ichi Imaizumi storyboard artist (1 episode, 2016)
Kazuya Sakamoto storyboard artist (1 episode, 2016)
Toshimasa Suzuki storyboard artist (1 episode, 2016)
Hiroshi Hamasaki storyboard artist (1 episode, 2017)
Tomohiko Itô storyboard artist (1 episode, 2017)

Series Sound Department:

Takuya Hasegawa sound effects (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Toshiki Kameyama sound director (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
April Machado assistant engineer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Mai Sunaba assistant sound mixer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Kôhei Yoshida sound mixer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Miyuki Yoshizawa sound production manager (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Eddie Correa Jr. recording engineer (37 episodes, 2016-2018)
Jonathan Kreimerman Post-production assistant (22 episodes, 2017-2018)
Matthew Wollenman adr recordist (11 episodes, 2018)
Ben Harrington re-recording mixer (7 episodes, 2018)
Wendee Lee adr director (2 episodes, 2016)

Series Camera and Electrical Department:

Manabu Kato lighting technician (11 episodes, 2018)

Series Animation Department:

Nobuhiro Sugiyama character designer (45 episodes, 2016-2018)
Kazuki Baba key animator (3 episodes, 2016)
Kayo Nomichi animation director (2 episodes, 2016)
Masahiro Sasaki key animator (2 episodes, 2016)
Mineo Maya title card design (1 episode, 2017)

Series Music Department:

Bump of Chicken theme song (unknown episodes)

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Origin, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew [Update 2024]

March Comes in Like a Lion Story:

Rei, a 17-year-old socially awkward orphaned shogi player, grapples with adult challenges such as financial struggles, isolation, and depression.

Despite his proficiency in shogi, he yearns for a life beyond the confines of the game, seeking solace and connection amidst his emotional turmoil.

This poignant portrayal of a young man navigating complex emotions and societal pressures resonates with audiences, shedding light on themes of resilience and personal growth.

Through Rei’s journey, viewers witness the intricacies of human experience and the universal quest for belonging and purpose, making “March Comes In Like a Lion” a compelling exploration of the human condition through the lens of an introspective protagonist.

March Comes in Like a Lion Review:

“March Comes in Like a Lion” is an emotional rollercoaster that delves deep into the complexities of human relationships, self-discovery, and the world of professional shogi.

The anime beautifully captures the internal struggles of its protagonist, Rei Kiriyama, as he navigates through life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

The stunning animation brings to life the intense shogi matches and heartfelt moments with a vibrant color palette and intricate details.

The supporting characters are equally compelling, each dealing with their demons and adding depth to the narrative.

With its touching storytelling, relatable characters, and soul-stirring soundtrack, “March Comes in Like a Lion” is a must-watch for any anime lover seeking a poignant and immersive experience.

Final Words:

The anticipation for ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Season 3 is high, with fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

Supporting the franchise and staying engaged will help maintain interest until a potential Season 3 announcement, which is expected to bring excitement and new developments to the beloved series.

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