Nyaight Of The Living Cat: A New Cat Horror Anime Coming In 2025 [2024 Update]

Nyaight Of The Living Cat is a unique and thrilling anime series combining horror, comedy, and supernatural mystery elements.

The story follows a group of feline friends who discover their town is haunted by mischievous spirits known as “Nyaightmares.”

With the help of their newfound magical powers, the cats embark on a quest to rid their town of these evil creatures and restore peace to their community.

Filled with adorable cat characters, exciting adventures, and heartwarming moments, Nyaight Of The Living Cat is a must-watch for any anime lover looking for a fun and whimsical series to enjoy.

Nyaight Of The Living Cat: A New Cat Horror Anime Coming In 2025 [2024 Update]

About Nyaight Of The Living Cat:

“Night Of The Living Cat” is a highly anticipated new cat horror anime set to premiere in 2025, and fans are already buzzing with excitement.

This thrilling series promises to combine the cuteness of feline companions with spine-chilling horror elements, creating a unique and captivating viewing experience.

With its intriguing storyline, mysterious characters, and stunning animation, “Nyaight Of The Living Cat” will indeed become a favorite among anime enthusiasts and cat lovers.

Get ready to embark on a purr-fectly spooky adventure like never before!


  • Nyaight of the Living Cat anime adaptation has been announced.
  • It’s scheduled for 2025.
  • First teaser and visual are out.

Nyaight Of The Living Cat: A New Cat Horror Anime Coming In 2025

Night of the Living Cat is an exciting manga by Mag Garden’s Comic Garden that combines suspense, humor, and heart in its narrative.

With vivid illustrations depicting a post-apocalyptic setting, this tale follows cat protagonists navigating their new reality with unexpected alliances and daring escapades.

Nyaight Of The Living Cat

In a bizarre twist, humanity faces a unique pandemic that turns people into cats! As the infected population grows exponentially, those who love cats are trapped between wanting to help them and fearing for their safety.

Amidst the chaos, a band of cat lovers tries to survive while protecting each other from the infectious felines.

But as they struggle to stay alive, they also have to contend that every time they touch or comfort a cat, they risk becoming one too! This quirky spin on a classic apocalypse scenario promises to keep readers entertained and engaged.

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