Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew, Review [Update 2024]

Standing on a Million Lives Season 3 has yet to be officially confirmed, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its release.

The anime, based on the manga by Naoki Yamakawa with illustrations by Akinari Nao, follows characters transported to a game world with an offer of immortality.

Despite the popularity of the series, there is no set date for Season 3. There have been no recent updates or official announcements regarding the release of a third season in 2024.

Fans must stay tuned for any news on the continuation of I’m Standing on a Million Lives.

Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Release Date:

Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew, Review [Update 2024]

As of 2024, no official announcements have confirmed a Third season.

Fans continue to hope for updates on the future of the “Million Lives Season 3” anime series.

The highly anticipated anime “Million Lives” is set to release on October 2nd, much to fans’ excitement worldwide.

With its captivating storyline, intriguing characters, and stunning animation, this series promises to take viewers on a thrilling adventure.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where anything is possible, and every choice can change the course of destiny. Mark your calendars and prepare for an epic journey with “Million Lives”!

Standing on a Million Lives Plot Until Season 3:

“I’m Standing on a Million Lives” intricately weaves a tale of high school students thrust into a fantasy world, each with unique roles and limited lives.

Yotsuya evolves from disinterest to leadership, while Iu and Kusue grow into determined healers, facing challenges and moral dilemmas that shape their characters.

Romantic tensions between Yotsuya and Iu add depth, enhancing the emotional fabric of the narrative.

Season 3 holds promise for deeper exploration of the Game Master’s mysteries and the characters’ intertwined destinies, potentially revealing the truth behind their existence in fantasy.

As the stakes rise, the trio’s decisions impact both worlds, blending action with introspection on friendship and sacrifice.

Anticipation builds for fans eager to witness the characters’ growth and unravel the secrets binding their fates.

“I’m Standing on a Million Lives” captivates with its blend of fantasy and reality, promising a compelling continuation filled with revelations and challenges for the protagonists.

Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew, Review [Update 2024]

Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Full Story:

As an anime lover, diving into the world of “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” Season 3 is like embarking on a thrilling adventure filled with magic, action, and unexpected twists.

The whole story of this season takes our beloved trio, Yotsuya, Shindou, and Hakozaki, to new heights as they continue their quest to save both the virtual and real worlds.

From battling formidable foes to uncovering the mysteries of their intertwined destinies, Season 3 promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

With each character facing their trials and growth, accompanied by stunning animation and a captivating soundtrack, this season will leave a lasting impression on viewers eager to witness the epic conclusion of this exciting fantasy series.

Standing On A Million Lives Full Cast & Crew

Series Directed by

Kumiko Habara (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Writing Credits

Akinari Nao (creator: based on manga illustrated by) (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Akinari Nao (manga) (23 episodes, 2020-2021)
Naoki Yamakawa (creator: based on the manga by) (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Naoki Yamakawa (manga) (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Takao Yoshioka (screenplay) (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Shunma Hara (screenplay: bonus part) (11 episodes, 2021)
Shunma Hara (bonus part) (10 episodes, 2020)
Takayo Ikami (screenplay) (5 episodes, 2020-2021)
Sawako Hirabayashi (screenplay) (4 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Cast

Toshiyuki Toyonaga  Torii Keita / …24 episodes, 2020-2021
Yûto Uemura  Yotsuya Yuusuke24 episodes, 2020-2021
Azumi Waki  Hakozaki Kusue24 episodes, 2020-2021
Risa Kubota  Shindou Iu24 episodes, 2020-2021
Makoto Koichi  Tokitate Yuka24 episodes, 2020-2021
Zeno Robinson  Yuusuke Yotsuya24 episodes, 2020-2021
Jeannie Tirado  Iu Shindou24 episodes, 2020-2021
Valeria Rodriguez  Kusue Hakozaki24 episodes, 2020-2021
Tara Sands  Yuka Tokitake / …22 episodes, 2020-2021
Nobuaki Kanemitsu  Bayne / …16 episodes, 2020-2021
Maaya Sakamoto  Fatina15 episodes, 2020-2021
Chiwa Saitô  Kahabel / …15 episodes, 2020-2021
Kenji Sugimura  Villager / …15 episodes, 2020-2021
Griffin Burns  Keita Torii13 episodes, 2020-2021
Aoi Yûki  Aoiu12 episodes, 2021
Shin’ichirô Miki  Cantil12 episodes, 2021
Saori Hayami  Glenda Carter12 episodes, 2021
Yoshimasa Hosoya  Thanzamer12 episodes, 2021
Ayana Taketatsu  Yana12 episodes, 2021
Xander Mobus  Game Master12 episodes, 2020
Anne Yatco  Jezby / …12 episodes, 2021
Mariko Honda  Hosshi / …11 episodes, 2020-2021
Yoshinori Nakayama  Villager / …10 episodes, 2020-2021
Shugo Nakamura  Villager / …6 episodes, 2021
Cristina Valenzuela  Kahvel5 episodes, 2020
Reiô Tsuchida  Tsubasa / …5 episodes, 2020
Kujira  Orc Queen5 episodes, 2021
Sumire Morohoshi  Female Game Master / …4 episodes, 2020-2021
Shoya Chiba  Friend / …4 episodes, 2020-2021
Risae Matsuda  Thecas / …4 episodes, 2020-2021
Hideki Tasaka  Fofcel / …4 episodes, 2020-2021
Ryôta Takeuchi  Bihmsberg4 episodes, 2020
Minoru Shiraishi  Hem4 episodes, 2020
Kensuke Ôta  Kamilto4 episodes, 2020
Kanako Takatsuki  Majiha Purple / …4 episodes, 2020
Eiji Miyashita  Villager / …4 episodes, 2021
Tadashi Miyazawa  Cox Diraio4 episodes, 2021
Kôzô Shioya  Game Master3 episodes, 2020
Koki Koyasu  Nomura / …3 episodes, 2020-2021
Keiichi Sonobe  King Deokk3 episodes, 2020
Takatsugu Awazu  Gurobi3 episodes, 2020
Yu Miyazaki  Lolie3 episodes, 2021
Sayaka Ôhara  Froc’s Mother3 episodes, 2021
Masaki Terasoma  Ahyu’s Grandfather3 episodes, 2021
Yu Wakabayashi  Old Man3 episodes, 2021
Takahiro Hikami  Dan3 episodes, 2021
Yu Maeda  Old Man3 episodes, 2021
Ryûsei Nakao  Game Master2 episodes, 2020
Genichiro Tenryu  Game Master2 episodes, 2020
Tomoyuki Shimura  Yakuza2 episodes, 2020-2021
Genki Okawa  Dragon Bishop / …2 episodes, 2020-2021
Shuu Uchida  Maki / …2 episodes, 2020
Ai Furihata  Majiha Pink2 episodes, 2020
Megumi Matsumoto  Child / …2 episodes, 2020
Masayo Kurata  Hakozaki’s Mother2 episodes, 2020
Shirô Saitô  Village Head2 episodes, 2020
Reina Aoyama  Kamilto (child) / …2 episodes, 2020
Hiroo Sasaki  Bandit2 episodes, 2020
Tetsuya Tashiro  Bandit2 episodes, 2020
Eito Kawahara  Lanan2 episodes, 2021
Emiko Takeuchi  Child Orc / …2 episodes, 2021
Takuto Yoshinaga  Friend2 episodes, 2021
Show Hayami  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Norio Wakamoto  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Toshio Furukawa  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Tetsu Inada  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Ryô Horikawa  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Takeshi Kusao  Game Master1 episode, 2020
Takehito Koyasu  Demon Lord Lucifer1 episode, 2020
Landon McDonald  Tatsuki1 episode, 2020
Takeshi Hirabayashi  Kahabell’s Father1 episode, 2020
Yôhei Azakami  Bodyguard1 episode, 2020
Daiki Kobayashi  Student1 episode, 2020
Kôji Ishii  Merchant1 episode, 2020
Takuma Suzuki  Hakozaki’s Father1 episode, 2020
Tôru Sakurai  Bandit1 episode, 2020
Hisako Tojo  Sayuri1 episode, 2020
Tatsuhiro Kikuchi  Bandit1 episode, 2020
Kento Hama  Bandit1 episode, 2020
Nanaka Suwa  Third Generation Majiha Pink1 episode, 2020
Shuka Saito  Second Generation Majiha Pink1 episode, 2020
Mai Mochizuki  Student1 episode, 2020
Yurie Mikami  Student1 episode, 2020
Daisuke Namikawa  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Tomokazu Sugita  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Junko Takeuchi  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Tomokazu Seki  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Hôchû Ôtsuka  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Rikiya Koyama  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Wataru Takagi  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Tesshô Genda  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Satomi Kôrogi  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Yuya Hozumi  Friend1 episode, 2021
Ryôka Yuzuki  Torii’s Mother1 episode, 2021
Seiran Kobayashi  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Yu Okano  Clius1 episode, 2021
Masaaki Yano  Jaca1 episode, 2021
Kuro-Chan  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Kento Shiraishi  Villager1 episode, 2021
Chihiro Tago  Game Master1 episode, 2021
Tooru Arizumi  Friend1 episode, 2021

Series Produced by

Yonezawa Akira producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Hiroyuki Aoi producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Akio Matsuda producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Harumi Sato producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Keisuke Sato producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Terushige Yoshie producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Kazuhiko Yusa executive producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Tomoyuki Ôwada producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Takahiro Fujii producer (12 episodes, 2020)
Hideyuki Igarashi executive producer (12 episodes, 2020)
Itou Sumire producer (12 episodes, 2021)
Takami Youhei executive producer (12 episodes, 2021)

Series Music by

Ken Itô (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Cinematography by

Nomura Yukina (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Art Direction by

Satoshi Shibata (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Art Department

Kumiko Habara storyboard artist: opening and ending animation/storyboard artist (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Aki Watanabe colour design (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Miku Ihara storyboard artist: opening animation (12 episodes, 2020)
M.F.K storyboard artist (7 episodes, 2020-2021)
Tetsurô Amino storyboard artist (4 episodes, 2020-2021)
Yûji Yanase storyboard artist (3 episodes, 2020-2021)
Kyôhei Ôyabu storyboard artist (3 episodes, 2020-2021)
Tomihiko Ôkubo storyboard artist (2 episodes, 2020)
Kunihisa Sugishima storyboard artist (2 episodes, 2021)

Series Sound Department

Satoshi Yano sound director (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Visual Effects by

Tatsuhiko Sugimoto C.G. director (24 episodes, 2020-2021)

Series Animation Department

Eri Kojima animation director: opening sequence/character designer / chief animation director: opening sequence/animation director / chief animation director (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Toshihide Masudate character designer/animation director: opening sequence/animation director / chief animation director (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Akinari Nao Original character design (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Yuko Oba animation director: ending sequence/sub-character design / chief animation director: ending sequence / chief animation director/animation director (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Mukai Yuuki animation producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Kaho Deguchi animation director/character designer / chief animation director (19 episodes, 2020-2021)
Masahiro Sekiguchi animation director (16 episodes, 2020-2021)
Mariko Aoki animation director (9 episodes, 2020-2021)
Tomihiko Ôkubo animation director (7 episodes, 2020-2021)
Yûji Yanase animation director (6 episodes, 2020-2021)
Miyako Nishida animation director (6 episodes, 2020)
Ryôko Tateishi secondary key animator / critical animator (5 episodes, 2020)
Kazuyuki Ikai animation director (4 episodes, 2020-2021)
Hitoshi Kamata animation director (2 episodes, 2021)
Atsuko Hotta Jouji Yanase animation director (2 episodes, 2021)
Chie Ôtsuki animation director (2 episodes, 2021)
Seon Ryong Choi background artist: Studio Forest (1 episode, 2020)
Shin’ichi Iimura key animator (1 episode, 2020)
Aose Sakaguchi animation director (1 episode, 2020)
Hideo Amemiya animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Yûki Iwai animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Hikaru Kodama animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Mayumi Oda animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Kyohei Ogura animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Name Shoyama animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Isamu Utsuki animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Kaori Yamazaki animation director (1 episode, 2021)
Yôko Îzuka animation director (1 episode, 2021)

Series Music Department

Kanako Takatsuki lyrics: ending theme/vocals: ending theme/vocals: opening theme/lyrics: opening theme (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Terushige Yoshie music producer (24 episodes, 2020-2021)
Shuhei Mutsuki music: ending theme/music: opening theme (23 episodes, 2020-2021)
Kodama Ameko lyrics: ending theme (12 episodes, 2020)
Juvenile music: ending theme (12 episodes, 2020)
Liyuu vocals: ending theme (12 episodes, 2020)
Higuchi Kaede vocals: opening theme (12 episodes, 2021)
Hajime Mitsumasu music: opening theme (12 episodes, 2021)
Rucca lyrics: opening theme (12 episodes, 2021)
Ken Itô music: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta Eishou Ver.” / music: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta” / music: opening theme (3 episodes, 2020-2021)
Ayana Taketatsu vocals: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta Eishou Ver.” / vocals: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta” (2 episodes, 2021)
Naoki Yamakawa lyrics: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta Eishou Ver.” / lyrics: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta” (2 episodes, 2021)
Ai Furihata vocals: opening theme (1 episode, 2020)
Shôko Ômori lyrics: opening theme (1 episode, 2020)
Aoi Yûki vocals: “Yaoyorozu no Shima no Uta” (1 episode, 2021)

Series Additional Crew

Jeremy Santiago production coordinator (13 episodes, 2020-2021)

Standing On A Million Lives Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Full Story, Full Cast & Crew, Review [Update 2024]

Standing On A Million Lives Review:

Anime lovers are raving about “Standing on a Million Lives”, and the audience reviews are excitedly pouring in.

Fans can’t get enough of the captivating storyline, dynamic characters, and intense battles that keep them on the edge of their seats.

Each episode draws viewers deeper into the fantasy world of magic, monsters, and unexpected twists.

The anime’s ability to blend action-packed scenes with heartfelt moments has resonated with fans, making it a must-watch for any anime enthusiast.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime lover or new to the genre, “Standing on a Million Lives” promises to deliver an unforgettable adventure that will leave you eagerly anticipating each new episode.

Final Words:

While hopes for Standing on a Million Lives Season 3 may seem dim, fans can find solace in the manga for further story exploration.

Opting to delve into the source material can provide a satisfying continuation beyond the anime’s current status.

While the future of a third season remains uncertain, immersing oneself in the manga can offer a deeper understanding of the characters and plot.

Although the possibility of additional seasons may appear slim, embracing the manga can offer a fulfilling way to experience the world of Standing on a Million Lives.

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